Thursday, 29 June 2017

scary story

 One day i was walking through a mirror.
“ but how is that impossible how can she walk through a mirror i thought this was  non fiction well that's what it says in the book”

It turns out after i read the book and i look into a mirror and i'll sink  into the mirror and appear in a mystical land where everything and everyone is made out of candy

So i read the book and went up to a mirror and for a second nothing happened so i went back to the book and it said you had to close your eyes so i went back to the mirror and closed my eyes and opened them i thought it wouldn't work
But it did
I saw a girl standing in front of me but she was a human she wasn’t made out candy nether where the other people  i asked her “ why are you not made out of candy ” she replied  “ because i’m stuck in the book with all these people and now you “ WHAT i’m stuck in the book with you and all these other people “ you're saying that like its a bad thing “ because it is a bad thing  i can’t be stuck in here people will know in missing and they might  think i have be kidnaped “ but you haven't you're in the MYSTICAL LAND’’  as soon as she said mystical land everything glitched  but it was to fast so i didn't see anything i asked “ what just happened “ “ oh nothing it's just a glitch and when there has been 14 glitches you will be stuck in this word forever “ “ wait what am i going to be stuck in this candy land” “ exactly’’ said the weird lady standing in front of me with a strange face

to be continued ................

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